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(Names Changed to Maintain Privacy.)

Marriage License Application Reverend Stan,
Again, thank you for taking the time to go over all those details with me yesterday. I am so thankful that we found you; you are more helpful than you know! We downloaded the Marriage License Application from your website, filled it out at home, and we were in and out of the courthouse in less than 20 minutes this morning! Nicole, Palm Desert
Palm Springs Minister Virginia,
Your ceremony was special beyond our hopes.  So many people have commented on the beauty of the service (especially the rose part)!  With Love, Barbara
Princess Bride
Reverend Stan,
Thank you for giving us a beautiful wedding ceremony. We know you put a lot into it and it showed. The Princess Bride opening was great! We also had so many people tell us what a beautiful ceremony we had and how they loved the vows and readings. Again, thank you, B. & A.
Palm Springs
Reverend Virginia,
We want to express our very sincere thanks to you for making our wedding ceremony a lovely experience. We so appreciated your thoughtful attention to detail and your very calm and accommodating manner. Our families agreed that you performed a beautiful ceremony. With gratitude, M. & J.

Reverend Stan,
Thanks so much for performing a lovely ceremony and accommodating all our needs. Many guests remarked on the beautiful ceremony and how distinguished you looked in your robes. Thanks also for the flawless sound equipment.
I. & M.

Coachella Valley

Dear Reverend Virginia,
We want you to know how much we enjoyed having you officiate our wedding. We had the most beautiful wedding, we could have imagined! It was so comforting to have your serenity during such an emotional time.  Sincerely, Jordan and Leslie

Las Vegas

Dear Reverend Stan,
Thank you for a very touching, sentimental and completely wonderful ceremony!  Your words and delivery were straight from the heart.  Love, Jerry and Jean

Southern California

Dear Virginia,
Thank you for such a wonderful ceremony. Your kind manner and encouraging words will stick with us always.  You made the day so special.  Love, Nancy and Gene

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