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Both Reverends Virginia and Stan strongly urge all photographers and videographers to take as many pictures as they wish during the ceremony.

Where do I obtain a California Marriage License?

A marriage license may be obtained from certain Clerk/Recorder's offices within California. Not all such offices issue marriage licenses. For example, the Palm Springs, CA Recorder's office does not issue marriage licenses. The nearest issuing office to Palm Springs is Palm Desert, CA, a distance of about 16 miles. That said, there are two types of marriage licenses offered in California. There is a public (i.e., most commonly used) and a confidential license. A public license may be obtained from any issuing County Recorder's Office in California and is valid for 90-days thereafter at any venue within California. A confidential license, also valid for 90-days, must be obtained from (a) an issuing Recorder's Office in which County the marriage will be performed, or (b) a notary public who is registered with such County for the specific purpose of issuing Confidential Marriage Licenses.

  • To obtain a Public or Confidential Marriage License directly from the county and to expedite the process, we suggest that you first complete the Marriage License Application / Worksheet and then call a California Recorder's Office for an appointment. Ask as to the other specific items and/or information they require in order to issue you a license. Also ask if there is a Branch Office nearer to you. Remember, a Confidential Marriage License must be purchased from the Recorder's Office in which County your ceremony will take place. You may find a California County Recorder's Office by clicking here.

  • To obtain a Confidential Marriage License from a notary public who is registered with Riverside County for the specific purpose of issuing Confidential Marriage Licenses, refer to the question immediately following.

What if time does not permit our visit to a California Recorder's Office to obtain a Marriage License?

In those exceptional circumstances when it is not possible for you to visit a Clerk / Recorder's Office (e.g., arriving in Palm Springs on a Saturday, when county offices are closed or for other reasons), you may obtain a confidential marriage license from a notary public who is registered with Riverside County for the specific purpose of issuing such license, provided you meet the qualification standards set forth by the county. To learn of these standards and to make application for a Confidential Marriage License that is valid for ceremonies performed in Riverside County, CA, please complete the Specialized Wedding Services Worksheet for a Confidential Marriage License by clicking here.

What should I do upon my receipt of the marriage license package?

It is important that you
DO NOT alter, erase, write or type anything on your marriage license. Bring the complete marriage license package to us, as received by you from the County Recorder's Office (or notary public). Failure to correctly fill-in the items requested may require that the County issues a duplicate license. Riverside County charges $25 to issue a duplicate license. Other counties may impose a different fee. Please give the marriage license package to your officiant at the rehearsal or, if no rehearsal, then prior to the wedding ceremony.

What happens with our Marriage License after the wedding?

If required by the marriage license (and after the ceremony), we will ask your witness(es) to sign the license. Thereafter, we will complete all information required and file the license with the appropriate County Recorder's Office. We also prepare for you the issuing County's "Authorized Certified Copy" request form. You may purchase this Certified Copy from the issuing Recorder's Office for a fee of $14 (i.e., fee may vary by County) per copy. We suggest you wait 30-days following your wedding ceremony prior to purchasing any copies.

Do you require premarital counseling?

No, but we do offer it. Some couples feel that premarital or -marital counseling is important to them. We are available for everyone whose lives we are blessed to touch. There is a fee for this service.

How do you feel about rehearsals? Will you preside over the rehearsal?

We feel that a wedding rehearsal is good. It gives the wedding party a degree of comfort, and they feel more confident about their participation. The wedding rehearsal takes a lot of pressure off the bride and groom, so they can more fully enjoy their wedding day. Yes, if needed, we are happy to participate in the rehearsal. We have much experience in this area and are able to lend assistance and credibility.

May our photographer and/or videographer photo during the ceremony?

Absolutely! It is very important to capture these magical moments on video or in photos. We strongly urge all photographers and videographers to take as many pictures as they wish during the ceremony.

May I ask, how much is your fee?

Our fee is determined after our free consultation (please ask about small weddings in our Garden Chapel). But fees do vary according to the circumstances and requirements of the individual couple. We do whatever is right for you, and we perform the ceremony at the location of your choice. If we are required to travel a distance or incur overnight lodging, of course the fee is greater. This is also true should you wish a wedding rehearsal.  But, there is plenty of time to talk about that. Be sure to check our availability by Clicking Here.

I still have unanswered questions. Will you please answer them for me?

We're delighted to answer your questions. Please complete the form below and click submit. We'll be back to you shortly.

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