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We only officiate at one wedding on a given day, so we always arrive early to ease your mind .... We are not rushing off to another wedding — we are there for you!

We are planning to be married on (date & time) at (wedding location) are you available? How far in advance should we book our minister?

Hopefully, the answer to the first question is, "Yes." You should book with us as soon as possible. Ministers in demand book quickly (frequently 6-months to 1-year in advance), and you don't want to be disappointed. We invite you to tell us about your wedding, when you check our availability.

What kind of wedding ceremonies do you perform?

Our wedding ministry is nondenominational (i.e., all denominational), religious, interfaith and civil. We personalize each ceremony to reflect your desires, values, relationship and spiritual journeys. We feel that no two couples are alike, no two relationships are alike, therefore, "one size fits all," doesn't fit! The ceremony may be a traditional Christian service, Catholic service or Jewish service. Alternatively, it may be an interfaith service, an inter-denominational service, or a civil service with no religious references. We also perform a Renewal of Vows ceremony. Your vows are written in a meaningful way for you. You are very much involved in the design of your ceremony. The ceremony might include Special Acts of Celebration, special readings, poems, musical interpretations, recognition of certain special people in your lives, etc. The possibilities of having a unique, romantic wedding ceremony are limited only by your imagination and ours! Ceremonies Described

Can we meet with you prior to the wedding?

Most definitely, and there is no charge for this initial or even subsequent interviews. It is important for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you. As you may be aware, Specialized Wedding Services has two ministers to serve you, but only one of us will perform your ceremony. We are delighted to meet with you at any time prior to your wedding date. However, most often we meet the bride and groom for the first time at the rehearsal or wedding. That means that most weddings must be planned long distance because the bride and groom live away from this area. In such cases the phone, fax, e-mail and U.S. mail become our means of communication. And, we can always meet in person when the bride and groom arrive in the area prior to the wedding. We are experts in long-distance wedding planning and by the time your wedding date arrives, we will know each other as though we are long-time friends.

How can we arrange a Skype Video Call?

It is really quite simple. Email your "Skype Name" to the minister. That's it! The minister will first invite you to connect through the Skype system. Once confirmed to be on the other's "Contact List," the minister will contact you (i.e., via email and/or Skype IM) and ask that you provide some additional information, including a couple of dates and times that you are available to speak with the minister. The minister will select one such date and time, confirm that back to you and make a Video Call to you at the agreed upon date and time. Alternatively, you may wish to complete our Bridal Information Form and, where asked, provide us with your "Skype Name."

How do we book you as our minister?

We will "pencil-in" the date for you right now. Once we receive your deposit, we will "lock-in" the date for you. Please know that until the deposit is received, we are not booked as your minister. To begin the booking process, please check our availability.

What do you do for us as our minister?

Either Reverend Virginia or Reverend Stan will work with you to develop a ceremony that is written especially for you. We feel very strongly that it is YOUR WEDDING, not ours! We are totally committed to exceeding your dreams about the perfect wedding ceremony for you. We do not just perform ceremonies, we help you create the ceremony that is unique to you, the couple, your courtship, your relationship, your union. We incorporate the significant points in your lives. We help you achieve your dreams in a natural and comfortable way. In short, we provide a ceremony and vows that are meaningful to you on your wedding day, but will remain equally meaningful to you the rest of your lives. As our gift to you, we provide a Certified Copy of your Marriage License sent to you directly from the Recorder's Office and with a beautifully bound and printed copy of your wedding ceremony.

What happens if that special guest is late, and we cannot start the ceremony on time?

This is one of the most important questions to ask your prospective minister. You need not concern yourself about this. We only officiate at one wedding on a given day, so we always arrive early to ease your mind and assist with any last minute clarifications. And, of course, if one of your special guests is stuck in traffic and you want to start a little later, that too is fine. We are not rushing off to another wedding!

What happens if you become ill or another emergency prevents you from attending our rehearsal and/or officiating at our wedding?

In this unlikely situation, you are covered for this contingency. We are Members of the Palm Springs Ministers Forum, a group of six ordained ministers dedicated to the Wedding Industry and to providing each bridal couple with professional, exemplary services. Should such an emergency prevent us from attending your rehearsal and/or officiating at your wedding, another Forum minister will officiate.

Do you provide your own sound equipment?

We have an excellent portable wireless sound system. It consists of a combination wireless receiver, amplifier and speaker with a lapel microphone worn by the minister. If necessary, our system allows us to interface with other sound systems, video taping equipment or any type of "house" sound system. Our sound system has its own built in power source, and the sound output will allow the minister's voice to cover an outdoor audience of several hundred people at a range of 700 feet. Please note that our sound system cannot be used to play ceremony music. If our sound system is promised to you for your ceremony, such promise must be in writing and signed by one of our ministers. Further, a promise to provide sound is just that; it is our promise that we will arrange to provide sound for you at no additional expense. If your DJ (or other vendor or third party) agrees to provide sound for us at no additional cost to the bridal couple, then we reserve the right to have sound provided by vendors other than Specialized Wedding Services. Further, we have several professional sound systems, and we reserve the right to select the system best suited to the needs of the day.

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